MIHA – formerly UCAN

MIHA – Maricopa Interfaith HIV/AIDS Alliance (formerly UCAN)

United Church of Christ HIV & AIDS Education Network (MIHA, Southwest Chapter)

MIHA – Maricopa Interfaith HIV/AIDS Alliance (formerly UCAN)

We are building a network of clergy and lay people, congregations, and organizations within the Arizona, New Mexico, and the El Paso Texas areas for care giving, education and prevention in response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic by:

  • Offering training in the use of the UCC’s comprehensive HIV and AIDS curriculum, Affirming Persons-Saving Lives as well as other HIV and AIDS education.
  • Giving leadership for education and information on public policy concerns.
  • Bringing attention to the issues and challenges we are all facing as people living with AIDS in our world today.

Our goals are:

  • Create a MIHA Speakers Bureau which will contact every UCC Southwest conference congregation about providing a moment of mission on HIV and AIDS education during the 2011 calendar year. The speakers will be available for other related events and media contact.
  • Sponsor the UCC Southwest conference group in the AIDS Walk Phoenix and 5K Run on September 11, 2011. (The Walk/Run is put on by Aunt Rita’s Foundation, which also hosts SavorLIFE.)
  • Offer an annual World AIDS Day Christian Worship Service.
  • Provide information, referral, and pastoral care as requested.
  • Network with other UCC Southwest conference congregations for membership and participation in this ministry.

Our long term goals include seeking grants and funding for HIV and AID’s education in the southwestern United States to be conducted in partnership with existing non profit agencies.