Team Leaders – ELECTED

These pages will help introduce you to the people with whom you may want to talk, about helping out by donating your own personal gifts and time. You can also browse these pages to find out about the different activities available to you at First Church. There is nothing you can do to break anything, so please… just enjoy browsing our web site and learning a bit about our membership.

If you want to find out a bit more about what the Worship and Music Team does, visit their web portal for that team by CLICKING HERE. Web portals for other teams will be listed as they become available.

You can start with the links below, or use the tabs and sub-tabs above.

Team Leaders

Care and Community

Kitty Bryne

Care and Community – This team serves the hospitalized, ill, homebound, and those needing transportation to Church events. In addition, the social needs of the community are met thru SAGES, Pharicon, and Spice of Life. We also handle all of the greeting cards sent out.
Growth and Good News

Sue Bartz

Growth and Good News – This team takes care of print advertising, promotional items, the bulletin board, Pride participation, nameplates, banners, Digital Services (which include Constant Contact, websites, Facebook, our Internet TV Station), advertising, and our relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.
Mission and Outreach

Vicki Berger

Mission and Outreach – You will see members of this team selling Fair Trade Coffee after service, and helping with Called to Care, Habitat for Humanity, Five for Five, Confirmation Classes, and the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. Wilson School also appreciates this team for its back to school drives.
Nurture and Education

Becky Bartlett

Nurture and Education – Our Sunday School and Nursery are coordinated by this team, as well as the Childrens’ Moment presentations, Sunday Breakfasts, and other activities for Children of All Ages.
Spiritual Gifts

Lisa Roger

Spiritual Gifts – We co-host the New Member Luncheons and maintain an inventory of who likes to help with what. Want to volunteer… this is a good place to start!
Worship and Music

Cynthia Cielle

Worship and Music – This team is responsible for preparation for worship. Altar and communion preparation, flowers, ushers, announcements and special events such as Baptisms all fall under this team. In addition, working with Kim McCreary and Randall Barnes, we coordinate the music program for worship and special performances.
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