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A Note from Pastor James,

Core Values

  • Vision of Jesus
  • Spirituality
  • Love
  • Worship
  • Justice

You may ask, what is a Mission Statement?  What are Core Values?  Simply put, a mission statement answers the questions:  What do we do?  How can we change our community and our world?

Core Values answers who we are and what ethics, principles and beliefs we hold.  In my understanding and research (basically, asking questions!) First Church has not had a mission statement or core values clearly articulated.  Certainly, it has been inferred. At our core, we are a diverse community.  One would find our diversity clearly stated in print in our expansive Open and Affirming Statement.  This is the first paragraph where we state the wideness of our inclusion and diversity:

Because we believe all people are beloved children of God,
we welcome them into the full life, worship, ministry, fellowship and leadership of this congregation.
We do this without regard to age, race, ethnicity, or national origin;
physical, mental, emotional ability or disability;
gender, marital status, gender identity, or sexual orientation;
socio-economic background or circumstance, political affiliation or immigration status.

I never tire of reading First Church's Open and Affirming Statement.  It is one of the best and most far reaching of any O & A statement I have ever read.

After a long process of listening to our members and friends in a variety of settings with very intentional questions around our values, and endless hours disseminating the information gathered from our brilliant community, our Core Value and Mission Task Force of nine First Church members drafted the statement above.  Initially, we thought this would be a statement of our Core Values.  But as the process continued, we realized that this was indeed First Church's Mission Statement.

More will be forthcoming around our stated values as your find them above.  We are in the process of "fleshing these out" as a Task Force.

Please spend time with this statement.  Read it, memorize it, share it with family and friends, pray with it, interact with it.  In a spiritual community of faith, the church, nothing is ever in stone when it comes to our mission and vision.  Both mission and vision must be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the culture and context in which we live.


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